Your mandate is our top priority: with us, you will receive personal legal advice directly from one of the brothers Andreas and Thomas Eustacchio. You benefit from the greatest expertise allowing you to achieve your goals faster. We coordinate everything we do for you with you. This means that we inform you in advance of every step we take on your behalf. And you will be informed immediately of any relevant information we obtain for you.

Our legal expertise

Family business

When family meets business, something special emerges. We know this from our own family history. When we advise family businesses, we go beyond legal


Founding the right company for you

Companies need no-frills customised legal advice. We advise and accompany you from the founding of your company to its operational start. We also bring


Italy -> Austria -> Italy

Italian companies in Austria La bella vita is not always just dolce. A strong family relationship was the beginning of a long-standing passion for


Pharmacy law

We support pharmacists looking to open a pharmacy and provide legal advice on the administrative process of obtaining an official license. We have specialised


Product liability, product safety, product recall = product law

Product law deals with damages caused by faulty production, the incorrect design/construction of a product, or arising during the construction of industrial plants. Even


Autonomous driving, artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence allows smart cars to drive autonomously. But the need for legal regulation is enormous. Our partner Andreas Eustacchio is a pioneer in


Private individuals

We advise private individuals and represent their interests in and out of court. Real estate, residence and rental law, real estate transactions Purchase of

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