Your advantage with
EUSTACCHIO Attorneys at Law

Your mandate is our top priority: With us, you will receive personal legal advice from brothers Andreas and Thomas Eustacchio. You benefit from the greatest expertise allowing you to achieve your goals faster.

Legal solutions and personal experience (for family businesses, pharmacies and on Italian legal issues): some topics are best discussed with someone who has “experienced” it themselves. Where relevant, we bring in not only our many years of legal expertise but also our personal perspective as an entrepreneurial family with Italian roots.

Agile & connected advice – all from a single source: we are agile, act quickly, and represent your legal interests even in cross-border matters. You are never alone in dealing with your concerns. You will save on travel, have a direct contact person and should legal representation be necessary abroad, we will help you find competent local lawyers.

Cost transparency
You stipulate a clear fee agreement with us from the outset in which we agree everything we will do for you. After our services are completed, you will receive an invoice with a fully transparent list of the work and the time incurred.

Pioneers in autonomous driving, product liability and AI: our specialist law firm is a leader in the field of legal advice on product liability to industrial, technology and commercial companies. We are also pioneers in product liability law at the interface between autonomous driving and AI.

Clients include:

  • SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) & family businesses
  • Pharmacies
  • Manufacturing industries and suppliers
  • Importers & trading companies
  • Italian companies (food, lifestyle, industry, insurance)
  • Private individuals

Our expertise:

  • Commercial and corporate law
  • Distribution and contract law, competition law (UWG-Unfair Competition Act)
  • Company law
  • Inheritance law and business succession
  • Real estate, housing and tenancy law
  • Real estate transactions: commercial and private
  • Trademark law
  • Labour law

Specialist expertise:

  • Pharmacy law, inheritance law, business succession and corporate law, real estate and labour law
  • Product law: product liability, product recall and safety, interface between automation and AI, autonomous driving
  • Market entry from Italy into Austria: corporate law, distribution and agency law, trademark law, product liability and real estate transactions
  • Italy: we accompany companies and private individuals to and in Italy, including with local Italian lawyers on site if required.
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